X11workbench Toolkit  1.0
__WB_DIALOG_CONTROL__ Struct Reference

Structure identifying the properties of a dialog box control. More...

#include <dialog_controls.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int ulTag
Window wID
 Window ID of the dialog control window.
Atom aClass
 basic control class atom
 pointer to owner dialog box
 pointer to dialog box's WBDialogEntry
WBWinEvent pDLGControlCallback
 control's callback function
unsigned long ulFlags
 generic flag bits
XColor clrFG
 foreground color
XColor clrBG
 background color
XColor clrBD
 border color
XColor clrBD2
 3D border color 2 (light)
XColor clrBD3
 3D border color 3 (dark)
XColor clrHFG
 highlighted state-based foreground color
XColor clrHBG
 highlighted state-based background color
XColor clrAFG
 active state-based foreground color
XColor clrABG
 active state-based background color
char * pCaption
 allocated pointer to caption, in lieu of using a WM_NAME property (may be NULL)
 pointer to the property list (may be NULL)
int cbStructSize
 assigned at allocation time, the total size of this structure

Detailed Description

Structure identifying the properties of a dialog box control.

All dialog box controls have certain properties in common, and most of them also have a number of other common properties. Those properties most commonly used by dialog box controls are stored as members of a WBDialogControl structure and additional properties in an allocated WBDialogPropList (as needed)
For performance reasons, some control types may allocate a 'superclass' of this structure with additional data members.

typedef struct __WB_DIALOG_CONTROL__
unsigned int ulTag; // The value DIALOG_CONTROL_TAG
Window wID; // Window ID of the dialog control window
Atom aClass; // basic control class atom
WBDialogWindow *pOwner; // pointer to owner dialog box
WBDialogEntry *pDlgControlEntry; // pointer to dialog box's WBDialogEntry
WBWinEvent pDLGControlCallback; // control's callback function
unsigned long ulFlags; // generic flag bits
XColor clrFG, clrBG, clrBD; // FG, BG, and border colors
XColor clrBD2, clrBD3; // additional 3D border colors
XColor clrHFG, clrHBG; // highlight BG and FG colors
XColor clrAFG, clrABG; // active BG and FG colors
char *pCaption; // in lieu of using WM_NAME property
WBDialogPropList *pPropList; // property list
int cbStructSize; // assigned at allocation time, the total size of this structure
// unique per-control data members follow (see cbStructSize for validation)

This data structure identifies a dialog control's properties. For more information, see WBDialogControl . Typically, a dialog control will allocate a structure that is at LEAST the size of WBDialogControl. Additional private data can then be stored following the 'cbStructSize' member, which will identify the ACTUAL size of the structure.

For each dialog control, a pointer to this structure is assigned to window property index 0, and can be easily obtained using DLGGetDialogControlStruct() (preferred method)

See also

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