X11workbench Toolkit  1.0
__WB_DIALOG_PROPLIST__ Struct Reference

Dialog Property List, container for WB_DIALOG_PROP. More...

#include <dialog_controls.h>

Data Fields

int nProps
 current number of (contiguous) properties in 'aDlgProp'
int nMaxProps
 maximum number of available WB_DIALOG_PROP structures in aDlgProp
 Pre-allocated array of (contiguous) structures for property storage. More...

Detailed Description

Dialog Property List, container for WB_DIALOG_PROP.

Container structure for WB_DIALOG_PROP structures, pre-allocated to hold 'nMaxProps'. Can be re-allocated as necessary to increase the total number of properties so long as the pointer to this structure isn't being cached outside of the WBDialogControl

typedef struct __WB_DIALOG_PROPLIST__
int nProps, nMaxProps; // total number of active properties and maximum size of aDlgProp
WB_DIALOG_PROP aDlgProp[1]; // Array of property definitions (contiguous, pre-allocated)
See also

Properties are maintained using the following X11 Work Bench Toolkit API functions:

Definition at line 180 of file dialog_controls.h.

Field Documentation

◆ aDlgProp


Pre-allocated array of (contiguous) structures for property storage.

This structure integrates the pre-allocated array of WB_DIALOG_PROP structures and provides access to them via the aDlgProp array. Whenever adding a new property causes the total number to exceed nMaxProps, the entire structure must be re-allocated to accomodate the new entries, with all existing members of the array copied to the re-allocated structure. This is handled properly by use of the X11 Work Bench Toolkit API functions for dialog control property management.

Definition at line 194 of file dialog_controls.h.

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