X11workbench Toolkit  1.0
_WB_COMBO_CONTROL_ Struct Reference

List control structure. More...

#include <dialog_support.h>

Data Fields

WBDialogControl wbDLGCtrl
 Standard dialog control members.
WBListCurSel sel
 selection state, must follow wbDLGCtrl
 A Text Object associated with the editable text.

Detailed Description

List control structure.

typedef struct _WB_COMBO_CONTROL_
WBDialogControl wbDLGCtrl; // Standard dialog control members
WBListCurSel sel; // selection state, must follow wbDLGCtrl
TEXT_OBJECT xTextObject; // A Text Object associated with the editable text

Structure allocated for List control

Definition at line 320 of file dialog_support.h.

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