X11 Work Bench Toolkit  1.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Application Startup and Shutdown
 Core API
 ClientMessage Atoms
 Window Manager Atoms
 Default Parameters
 Window 'Core'
 Event Handling
 Keyboard event handling
 Mouse Pointer event handling
 Clipboard and Selections
 Exposure and Mapping/Visibility
 Timer Functions
 X11 Error Handling API
 Configuration 'helper' functions
 Configuration File UtilitiesConfiguration File Utilities, for application or user-defined config files
 Desktop Settings utilitiesDesktop Settings Utilities, to query desktop-defined settings like fonts, colors, mouse click times, etc
 Text Utilities (generic)Generic Utility functions for copying and manipulating text
 XML-specific Text UtilitiesSpecialized text utility functions for parsing XML data
 Platform-specific 'Helper' Functions and Definitions
 File Buffer and I/O 'helper' functions
 File Buffer 'helper' functions
 File I/O 'helper' functions
 Process Control Functions
 Threads and Synchronization
 Frame Window API
 Child frame Window API
 Edit Window APIs and Structures
 Frame Window APIs and Structures
 Frame Window Menu HandlingMacros and functions needed to set up a frame window's menu
 Menu functions and structures
 Menu Bar window - functions and structures
 Popup MenusPopup Menu windows and their associate structures and API functions
 Dialog Boxes
 Main Dialog API Functions and definitions
 Dialog (Frame) Windows
 Dialog Box Controls
 'Control Name' Atoms for standard dialog controls
 CONTROL NOTIFY Atoms for dialog controls
 List Support
 Dialog Window ClientMessage Atoms
 Pixmap utility functions
 Font Utilities
 Text Drawing Utilities
 'Window Dressing' Graphics Drawing Utilities
 Text Editing Utilities and ObjectsGeneric utility functions and objects for editing text
 Memory sub-allocator for high performance dynamic memory managementGeneric utility functions for allocating and manipulated memory buffers
 Printer utility functions
 Debug Helper