X11 Work Bench Toolkit  1.0
Design Goals for the X11workbench Toolkit

Design Goals

Minimal dependencies
You shouldn't have to install a bozillian libraries or development files.
Ease of use
The basic toolkit should be SO simple that even a 'Newbie' can do it.
Well, open source HELPS, but the design must be FLEXIBLE enough to allow easy customization.
Unnecessary functionality, with the exception of certain icons, is to be avoided.
No convoluted ideas belong here, like the bass-ackwards programming style you find in CERTAIN languages.
C language
For maximum compatibility, the C language is almost universally supported, so that's what I use.
Even if there is a problem, the code should NEVER be 'fragile'. Validation happens a lot, whenever practical.
Debug Friendly
Lots of built-in debug, needed by me to even write the thing after all.
Small (and simple) 'hello world' application
The 'hello world' application should be reasonable AND SMALL, and not because special things were written JUST TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN (that is called 'engineering for the demo' and I don't like doing that)