X11 Work Bench Toolkit  1.0
Copyright and License Terms


X11workbench - X11 programmer's 'work bench' application and toolkit
Copyright (c) 2010-2016 by Bob Frazier (aka 'Big Bad Bombastic Bob')
all rights reserved
DISCLAIMER: The X11workbench application and toolkit software are supplied 'as-is', with no waranties, either implied or explicit.


BSD-like license:

There is no restriction as to what you can do with this software, so long as you include the above copyright notice and DISCLAIMER for any distributed work that is equal to or derived from this one, along with this paragraph that explains the terms of the license if the source is also being made available. A "derived work" describes a work that uses a significant portion of the source files or algorithms that are included with this one. Specifically excluded from this are files that were generated by the software, or anything that is included with the software that is part of another package (such as files that were created or added during the 'configure' process). Specifically included is the use of part or all of any of the X11 workbench toolkit source or header files in your distributed application. If you do not ship the source, the above copyright statement is still required to be placed in a reasonably prominent place, such as documentation, splash screens, and/or 'about the application' dialog boxes.

Use and distribution are in accordance with GPL, LGPL, and/or the above BSD-like license. See COPYING and README.md files for more information.

You will find similar language and copyright statements at the beginning of most of the source files (and related files) that comprise the X11workbench and X11workbench Toolkit. If there is any confusion as to the intent of the license, the above stated license terms take precedence.