X11workbench Toolkit  1.0
High Level Dialog Box API Functions and definitions


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Detailed Description

This section describes High Level Dialog Box API functions and definitions. Normally you will use these to create dialog boxes of various types.

A Dialog Box uses a Dialog Frame Window containing one or more controls that are identified by a 'Control ID'. These controls will send (or post) events that can be handled by the user-specified callback function.

A Dialog Box can be 'modeless', which uses the application's message loop to asynchronously process its events, or it can be 'Modal', in which case the function WBShowModal() will be used to display the dialog box while effectively 'blocking' the main message loop.

To create a dialog box from a resource, see DLGCreateDialogWindow()

To display a message box or generic input box, see DLGMessageBox() and DLGInputBox()

Additionally, if you need a 'file picker', 'color picker', or 'font picker', you can use DLGFileDialog(), DLGColorDialog(), or DLGFontDialog() (as appropriate).