X11workbench Toolkit  1.0
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 C__DELAYED_EVENT_ENTRY__Core (internal) structure for managing delayed events.
 C__DIALOG_WINDOW__DIALOG_WINDOW structure (internal), an extension of WBDialogWindow.
 C__DT_WORD__Structure defining a 'word' for rendering purposes.
 C__DT_WORDS__A collection of DT_WORD structures along with a pointer to the original text.
 C__EVENT_ENTRY__Core (internal) structure for storing and dispatching events.
 C__file_help_buf__basic 'buffered I/O' object structure for 'FileBuf' APIs
 C__LISTINFO__Structure containing data for list-related dialog controls.
 C__TIMER_ENTRY__Core (internal) structure for managing timers.
 C__WB_DIALOG_CONTROL__Structure identifying the properties of a dialog box control.
 C__WB_DIALOG_ENTRY__Structure identifying one of the controls that appears on a dialog window.
 C__WB_DIALOG_PROP__Dialog property storage structure.
 C__WB_DIALOG_PROPLIST__Dialog Property List, container for WB_DIALOG_PROP.
 C__WB_DIALOG_WINDOW__Structure identifying a dialog (frame) window.
 C__WB_ERROR_INFO__Structure definition for X11 error information.
 C__WB_FRAME_WINDOW__main controlling structure for frame windows
 C__WB_FW_MENU_HANDLER__structure for managing menu callbacks
 C__WB_SCROLLINFO__Structure that defines scroll bar info for both horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
 C__WBChildFrame__Structure that defines a Child Frame within a Frame Window.
 C__WBChildFrameUI__Structure that defines a Child Frame's UI, mainly for a 'superclass'.
 C__WBEditWindow__Structure that defines an Edit Window.
 C__WBMenustructure for managing menu items
 C__WBMenuBarWindow__structure for defining a menu bar window
 C__WBMenuItem__structure for managing menu items
 C__WBMenuPopupWindow__Structure for managing a popup menu window
 C__XSETTINGS_DATA_COLOR__Structure for storing configuration color information, XSettingsTypeColor.
 C_CHXMLEntry_Descriptor for parsed XML entry.
 C_CHXSetting_Structure for storing settings information internally.
 C_CHXSettings_Array wrapper for CHXSetting cache.
 C_text_buffer_'base class' structure for TEXT_OBJECT
 C_text_object_'base class' structure for TEXT_OBJECT
 C_text_object_vtable_'vtable' structure for TEXT_OBJECT
 C_WB_COMBO_CONTROL_List control structure.
 C_WB_EDIT_CONTROL_Edit control structure.
 C_WB_IMAGE_CONTROL_Static 'Image' control structure.
 C_WB_LIST_CONTROL_List control structure.
 C_WB_LIST_CURSEL_Structure containing information about the current selection in a list.
 C_WB_PUSHBUTTON_CONTROL_Button 'pushbutton' control structure.
 C_WB_TREE_CONTROL_Static 'Image' control structure.
 C_WBExtent_internal wrapper struct for 'extent' definition
 C_WBGeom_internal wrapper struct for X11 'geometry' definition
 C_WBPoint_internal wrapper struct for 'point' definition
 C_WBRect_internal wrapper struct for 'rectangle' definition
 C_XPM_ATTRIBUTES_Compatibility structure for use with MyLoadPixmapFromData() whenever libXpm is not in use.